Thin-Film PV

Good Looking and Full of Potential

The Relevance of thin-film PV

It is estimated that a currently a cummulated capacity of 18 to 26 GW thin-film pv is installed. That is about  4-5% of ca. 500 GW total PV installations installed worldwide as of 2018.

Many different technology approaches and players are already for a very long time on the market improving their technologies steadily. Those companies have successfully increased their products in efficiencies and module reliability. Nowadays, production capacities are growing and they are offering a wide spectrum of applications like for automotive, building-integrated (BIPV) roof tiles or façade elements or standard modules for utility scale PV plants.

What Makes PI Berlin a Thin-Film Expert

PI Berlin supports the industry for already 11 years with different research topics. This includes electroluminescence failure catalog and technology development, Potential-Induced-Degradation (PID) investigations as well as procedure development and accurate power determination with previously performed stabilization procedures.

PI Berlin has been part in multiple research projects with thin-film partners of the industry like AMC-EL and PEARL. Due to the long-time experience and brought technology background PI Berlin is supporting as thin-film expert in claim processes.

How We Can Help You With Your BiFi Project

  • Monitoring data analysis
  • On-site Module Inspection for troubleshooting (Electroluminescence and power measurements, selection of module samples for further laboratory tests)
  • Laboratory Testing for quality control and reliability testing; certification testing of module types covering state of the technology standards and beyond
  • Sensitivity analysis and risk assessment for claim processes
  • Manufacturing Audits