PV Systems

Our Expertise and Advice for Your Project

Preliminary Engineering

Optimizing your PV plant

Our preliminary engineering services can support your PV project with feasibility and yield studies as well optimized conceptual designs. We can help with the EPC selection process to ensure the lowest LCOE is achieved.

Later in the project process we provide design and documentation review either on behalf of the owner or the lender to ensure the construction process is progressing as expected.

Field Inspection

Nothing beats on-site inspections

Our experts regularly visit PV plants worldwide to verify performance, conduct troubleshooting, provide end of warranty inspections and evaluate quality of installations and equipment. State of the art testing equipment and analytical tools are used to ensure accurate data is acquired and processed quickly to meet your objectives.

Our methods are backed by our vast knowledge and experience that are reflected in our clear and comprehensive reports.

Due Diligence

Expert technical review is the key to understand benefits and risks

PI Berlin’s approach to technical due diligence is based on a systematic evaluation of the key aspects of PV plants affecting performance and reliability. Based on our experience gained in the field around the world and backed by our knowledge from the factory and the lab, we have developed rating systems that focus highlighting risk and recommending solutions.

In this competitive PV market, our customers trust us to identify ways to turn risks into opportunities, where possible, and where additional investment can bring long term reward.


Transferring knowledge to new players and new markets

We offer a range of training packages covering topics such as project development, PV plant engineering and laboratory operations. We can also customize a course to put the focus on the areas th