Services for the Major Components of Solar and Storage Systems

Contracting Assistance

A comprehensive contract is vital to protect your interests

Enforcing quality standards is only possible if the supply contract reflects the agreed terms. PI Berlin can provide a set of contract exhibits with clear criteria and remedies that are crucial to support your procurement activities. If you already have your own contract templates, let us review them and give you an expert opinion based on our vast experience dealing with suppliers.

Factory Audits

Ensuring production quality meets your expectations

Factory audits provide a valuable risk assessment of manufacturing facilities before production begin. Our Dashboards are an easy to access tool to get the relevant information at at glance with our comprehensive rating system. A final check with a corrective action review ensures all measures have been implemented to ensure quality production.

Production Supervision and Inspection

Making sure quality requirements are met with consistency

Once production starts, having an independent set of eyes in the factory assures the equipment is produced according to the customer’s expectations. In-factory pre-shipment inspections (PSI) ensure that each batch meets agreed quality criteria before being released for shipment. Equipment is only delivered once we provides our expert confirmation.

Lab Testing

Fast and reliable independent results

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories provide independent testing of modules from the factory or from the field. Our tests range from quick quality assessments, to in-depth failure analysis and long-term reliability simulations. In addition our lab in Berlin offers the whole range of tests required for the certification of PV modules.

Our outdoor test sites at various locations allow us to investigate new technologies such as the performance of bifcial PV modules.

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