Press release – Berlin/Germany, Hamburg/Germany – May 23, 2022

PI Berlin joins the Kiwa Germany Group

PI Berlin is pleased to announce that it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kiwa Germany Group. The agreement was signed between Kiwa Deutschland GmbH and PI Berlin last week in Berlin, Germany, by Sven Lehmann and Steven Xuereb, board members of PI Berlin, as well as Prof. Dr. Roland Hüttl and Dr. Gero Schönwaßer, both managing directors of Kiwa Deutschland GmbH.

“We are excited to join the growing renewable energy sector of the Kiwa Group and see opportunities to unlock further growth in our business through close cooperation with the other Kiwa Group companies providing complimentary services”, says Mr. Sven Lehmann, CEO and co-founder of PI Berlin, adding that “we have been looking for a strong partner that also a focus on sustainability and technical expertise to help our mission to accelerate the renewable energy transition globally”.

“In the US market, PI Berlin established a strong position as a major service provider in the solar industry after acquiring SolarBuyer in 2018. PI Berlin will now be able to further enhance its offering by integrating its factory-focused services with another important KIWA Group member – PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), a leading provider of solar lab- and field-based testing services”, says Ian Gregory, Managing Director of PI Berlin North America.

“This acquisition represents a strong boost for PI Berlin that will undoubtedly result in both a reinforcement of the services already offered in Iberia and Latin America, and the inclusion of new capabilities thanks to the infrastructure which is already part of the Kiwa Group. The enhancement will be reflected in factory, laboratory and field services, something that will benefit our customers developing greenfield projects as well as those repowering and revamping existing assets which is becoming increasingly relevant to the Spanish market”, says Asier Ukar, Managing Director of the Spanish subsidiary PI Berlin SL.

“We are very pleased to be able to attract PI Berlin with its highly qualified experts and well-established solar photovoltaic technical diligence and quality assurance services to the Kiwa Group,” says Dr. Gero Schönwaßer, adding, “This is another milestone in the Kiwa Group’s consistent focus on modern TIC services (testing, inspection, certification) in the field of sustainability.”

Kiwa is a TIC company –an independent, impartial global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification. Kiwa offers laboratory, (statutory) inspection, auditing and assurance activities, supported and strengthened by (strictly separated) training, consultancy and data services. Kiwa’s customers are in virtually all markets and in both the private and public sectors. They are supported with more than 10,000 employees, working in over 35 countries across Europe, Asia, North and Latin America and Oceania. The Kiwa headquarters are in Rijswijk, the Netherlands and Kiwa is a member of the global SHV Family of Companies. In the renewable energy sector, Kiwa companies already provide services for PV module, inverter and battery testing and certification as well as technical advisory services for PV power plants.

Sven Lehmann and Steven Xuereb will continue to manage the business of PI Berlin as active board members. Dr. Schönwaßer from Kiwa Deutschland GmbH will additionally join the PI Berlin board.

About PI Berlin

PI Berlin was founded in 2006 and is one of the leading technical advisory, risk management and quality assurance providers for solar and storage equipment and systems. With an international team of over 100 experts, the company offers auditing, testing, inspection and engineering services for a wide range of investors, utilities, developers, EPCs and government entities in the industry. The main locations of PI Berlin are Germany (Berlin), Spain (Bilbao), the USA (Boston) and China (Shanghai and Suzhou). PI Berlin also has a licensing cooperation for PV module testing with Mitsui Chemicals in Japan and India.

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Signing of the contract between Kiwa and PI Berlin. From left to right Steven Xuereb, Sven Lehmann, Dr. Gero Schönwasser and Prof. Dr. Roland Hüttl

Signing of the contract between Kiwa and PI Berlin. From left to right Steven Xuereb, Sven Lehmann, Dr. Gero Schönwasser and Prof. Dr. Roland Hüttl
Image source: PI Berlin

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