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BiFi PV - Ready for Mass Deployment

The deployment of bifacial PV technology is growing rapidly. Although the concept is not new, it has been a
niche technology for many years with ….


BiFi PV - Delivering on the Promise of Bifacial Modules

[…] it is crucial to understand how the modules are specified, manufactured, and tested. Understanding how the bifacial coefficient is specified on paper, verified in the factory, how may degrade in the field,[…]

Industry Trends in PV Module Quality

This study analyzes trends in PV module quality from over 250 independent factory audits conducted on more than 120 manufacturers by PI Berlin since 2012. The results provide useful insights into the major trends …



In recent years, there has been increasing deployment of PV installations in desert regions. In these areas, regular dry‐cleaning of PV modules is conducted to avoid potentially high‐performance losses due to significant soiling …


Solar Risk Assessment 2020

This report provides guidance for investors who recognize the value of data-based insights. Industry leading experts on the measurement and management of solar production risk share their knowledge…


Technical Brief: Making Sense of Ultra-large PV Modules

These new modules bring some obvious benefits to utility-scale systems such as potentially lower installation costs and more power per string…


2021 PV Module Quality Report

White Paper – Trends in PV Module Quality from over 60 GW of Independent Quality Assurance 


2022 PV Module Quality Report

White Paper – Trends in PV Module Quality from over 70 GW of Independent Quality Assurance – 2022 Edition