PV Module Technology and R&D Services

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Solar technology is racing ahead. We at PI Berlin do not simply observe this progress rather we actively participate in it. Our research activities encompass a wide range of subjects, but always with a focus on practical application.

We support our customers in all technological matters that deal with PV modules – from the solar cell to the whole power plant. Our team tackles problems head on, developing new test and qualification procedures directly for real-world application.

The knowledge for our services comes from three areas: our years of experience in the PV industry, our internal R&D activities and our multifaceted R&D projects with domestic and international partners.

We also regularly attend and present at international conferences.

Testing and Approval Procedures

Our experience in the field and our research results flow directly into the further development of testing procedures – in the laboratory and in the front line. We actively work on PV standards within the relevant committees. We develop requirements and project approval procedures for modules in the field and bring them to fruition.

In particular we meet the technical challenges that come with projects in new markets by developing new procedures such as abrasion and soiling tests, and the evaluation of cleaning methods. These tests can then be used to meet sight specific requirements, for example in desert regions.

Failure Analysis

PI Berlin offers detailed problem analysis of modules both in the field and in the laboratory. We carry out complete research into causes of failure – tracing them all the way back to production, and even using chemical analysis of PV materials. We analyse instances of damage, create expert reports and risk analysis that point the way to solutions. Because of our in-house R&D activities, we have developed comprehensive expertise and we are constantly expanding our knowledge in the various failure modes.

We have developed our own systematic measurement and evaluation techniques to efficiently determine the extent of common issues such as snail trails, soiling, micro cracks, hotspots and potential induced degradation (PID).

New Applications and Technologies

We assist with product development, create failure catalogues and specifications, and evaluate and qualify PV modules (e.g. PID Badge for modules) and module components (e.g. PID block for encapsulation materials). We accompany new technologies (e.g. bifacial and thin-film) through tailored measurement procedures and specially designed testing programs that allow the end users to better understand their products.

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