Testing Lab China (Suzhou)

  • Output measurements under standard test conditions (STC) via AAA+ simulator
  • Electroluminescence imaging (EL)
  • Low-light measurements
  • Damp heat tests (1000 h at 85°C and 85% humidity)
  • Degradation tests with continuous light solar simulator: “light soaking”, “preconditioning” (LID)
  • Wet insulation test
  • Visual inspection
  • Foil/laminate peel test
  • Determining EVA crosslinking (gel-content test)
  • PID: Potential Induced Degradation tests

Highlights Labor

Hail Impact 75mm

hagelschlag highlights labProtection against hail damage.
Hail impact simulation with iceballs up to 75mm. (According to swiss standard)

Peel Test

peel highlights labAnalysing the bonding of the different laysrs im PV module.

EVA Gel Content Determination

eva highlights labTesting of the laminate
Analysing of the cross linking