Press release - Berlin, 7.6.2016

PV Power Plants
Lab quality power measurements now possible in situ without dismantling modules

Ultra-precise troubleshooting with Class AAA LED solar simulator

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) now has the capability to troubleshoot faults in PV power plants using a precision LED solar simulator. This device is the first of its kind worldwide to allow laboratory standard solar module power measurements to be taken in the field without the need to dismantle modules. Until now, these measurements were only possible using mobile laboratories, which required modules to be removed from installations for testing. PI Berlin is presenting its new measurement method at this year’s Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany, from 22–24 June 2016.

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Press release - Berlin,  19.04.2016

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin develops EVA film test

Prevents against solar module damage and yield losses

The choice of EVA film used in the production of solar modules significantly influences the end product’s lifespan and susceptibility to defects – and, ultimately, the yield of the entire PV power plant in which the modules are used. At the same time, price competition in the international solar market often leads to the use of substandard EVA film. Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has developed the first polymer analysis process for inspecting the quality of EVA film. The institute will introduce the new EVA test to the public at Intersolar Europe in Munich.

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Press release - Berlin, 1 December 2015

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin verifies impact of cleaning robots

Significant yield losses caused by sand and fine dust

In many regions of the world, sand and fine dust cause photovoltaic power plants to experience considerable yield losses. Although the manual or automatic cleaning of modules is intended to remedy this situation, it may actually damage the solar panels’ glass surfaces. The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has developed a number of stress tests that closely simulate practical conditions to investigate the effect of cleaning equipment on module surfaces. In addition to recommending suitable cleaning methods, the tests provide module manufacturers with evidence that the surfaces of their modules are resistant to cleaning.

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Press release -London/Berlin, 7.10.2015

Solar Energy UK: The BBA and Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin present new rating report service for solar power plants

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) and British certification body the BBA are unveiling a new inspection process for solar power plants at the Solar Energy UK exhibition. The PQ Rating provides a rapid overview of the strengths and weaknesses of PV power plants, supporting stakeholders – including investors – on the secondary PV market to make acquisition decisions, and providing sellers with plant inspection reports to improve their sales prospects. The PQ Rating facilitates the decision-making process by evaluating projects on a scale of one to ten and by providing both a detailed report and a chart-based summary.

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Press release – Berlin, Munich/Germany, 3nd June 2015

Intersolar: Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin introduces new error analysis method for PV power plants

Economic high-volume, on-site electroluminescence measurements now available for the first time

The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has developed a new, automated process that allows solar modules to be examined without being dismantled, thereby reducing analysis time. Up to 1,000 modules can be tested each night using electroluminescence measurements (EL). Specially developed software then analyses the test images and provides information on measures required to resolve faults and modules that need replacing. Experts at PI Berlin have already put this method into practice for Deutsche Bank, for example, which uses it as a basis for its power plant assessments.

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