Accredited Testing Labs in Germany and China

Dedicated PV Laboratories

We have two PV laboratories in cetral locations around the world. One Lab is in Berlin at the company headquarters and the other Lab is located in Suzhou, China. Both Labs are accredited for performing PV module testing.

Additional there are two laboratories for special markets with PI testing technology operated by our partners. There is one laboratory in India and another one in Japan.

Focus of the Labs


The German laboratory is specialized to handle more complex tasks and has a wider range of tests available.

  • Failure Analysis
  • Reliability Testing
  • Quality Assurance (PV Systems located in Europe)
  • New Technology / Design Evaluation
  • Certification


The laboratory in China is primarily used for independent quality assurance testing during or after production. The location is ideal for testing modules from manufacturers located in China and the countries in the surrounding region.


The photovoltaic test laboratory of PI Berlin is accredited by the national German accreditation authority (DAkkS) and internationally. The accreditation is in accordance with IEC/ISO/EN/DIN 17025 and therefore PI Berlin is officially recognized to carry out testing according to IEC 61215/61646/61730.

Accreditation of the German laboratory. The scope of the accreditation is specified in the certificate D-PL-18919-01-00.