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PI Berlin is the worldwide leading trusted technical advisor, risk manager and quality assurance provider for PV plants and equipment.

Our expertise and insights are second to none thanks to our services provided in the factory, laboratory and field. With this combined knowledge, we can provide integrated solutions to mitigate risks at any stage of your PV project.

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Rely on Our Strong Credentials

Our customers rely on our expertise in their projects worldwide. Our experts have been involved in all aspects of the PV industry for decades. This invaluable experience enables us to advise in all phases during the life of PV plants, reducing risk and securing performance.

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Factory Audits and Production Supervision

Buying the right equipment

Understanding the production of PV modules is key. Our experts visit factories all around the world to conduct independent audits and assess manufacturing quality. Our reports are the basis for choosing the right manufacturer and for ensuring equipment is produced with the quality our customers expect.

With supply agreements in place, PI Berlin’s experts monitor production in the factory and conduct independent testing to assure quality before the equipment is accepted by our customers and delivered to site.

ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory

Independent performance and reliability testing of modules

Having our own laboratories in Germany and China, and partner labs in India and Japan, enables us to assess module quality independently and swiftly. Whether the modules come from the production line or from an operating plant, our tests and reports can be relied upon by all parties involved.

Our network of laboratories are capable of offering the whole range of tests required for certification in compliance with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730.

Independent and Owner’s Engineering

From development to construction, and through operation

Our experienced engineering team provides developers bankable yield assessments and optimal designs for their PV projects. Investors and lenders rely on us for independent site acceptance and technical due dilligence to protect their interests.

For operational plants, we are trusted to conduct troubleshooting and investigating issues affecting performance and reliability. Our on-site inspections and tests are complemented by our laboratory and factory-related services, providing a wholistic approach to finding the right solutions.

Trusted Partners

We are driven by our passion for the succesful expansion of solar PV worldwide. Beyond that, PI Berlin strongly supports the promotion of renewable energy and the fight against climate change.

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The worldwide leading trusted technical advisor, risk manager and quality assurance provider for PV plants and equipment.

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