Demonstration at industrial scale of the FLeXible manufacturing of SMART multifunctional photovoltaic building elements


Industrial production of PV facade elements that meet the requirements of the user (architects, planners, etc.)

Time Frame:

12/ 2013 to 12/ 2016


SmartFlex is an EU funded joint-project that has the objective to industrialize the production of individually designed PV facade elements. On the one hand these elements should be easy to produce and be able to easily integrate into buildings. On the other hand, they should be multi-functional and flexible in order to satisfy the requirements (including aesthetic) of architects and designers.

In this regard, SmartFlex intends to bring together the manufacturers of BIPV products and architects to ensure that these products are applied in new construction projects. A design software will be developed as part of the project that will support architects in the design phase and give them the opportunity to select the proper PV elements that meet their requirements and can be integrated into their projects.


  • ProTech (Research institute, Lithuania)
  • Creative Amadeo (Software applications, Germany)
  • Via Solis (PV manufacturer, Lithuania)
  • Sunbeam (PR agency for RE, Germany)
  • Mondragon (Machine manufacturer, Spain)
  • SUPSI (Testing Institute, Switzerland)
  • Glasbel (Facade manufacturer, Lithuania)


EU (7th  Framework)

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