AMC Hotspot


AMC Hotspot


Development of a procedure to determine the risk of hot spots in PV modules

Time Frame:

04/ 2012 to 03/ 2015


The market for photovoltaics is continuing to develop quickly and the increased production capacities for modules continues to increase the downward pressures on costs. In addition, solar cells are being produced with different properties (such as reverse operation under shading) that are then used in the manufacturing process of the modules. This can lead to localized increases in temperature, i.e. hotspots, when the module is partially shaded (e.g.  by antennas, trees, chimneys, etc.).  Hotspots can irreversibly damaging the cells and the encapsulate material, thereby destroying the module. Moreover, cell fractures and material defects can increase the risk of hotspots occurring.
The objective of the project is to develop a procedure that quickly identifies the risk of hotspots occurring in a large number of modules (e.g. during quality inspections of PV plants).


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