Testing Lab Germany (Berlin)

Electrical Tests of PV-Modules

  • Power Determination at Standard Test Conditions
  • Determination of Temperature coefficients
  • Electric Insulation Test (dry and wet)
  • Impulse Voltage Test
  • Bypass Diode Test
  • Accessibility Test
  • Measurement of Spectral Response
  • Measurement of Angle-of-incidence effect
  • Weak Light Measurements
  • Reverse Current Overload Test
  • Robustness of Terminations
  • Ground Continuity Test
  • Partial Discharge Test
  • Leakage Current Test

Mechanical Tests of PV-Modules

  • Mechanical and Dynamic Load Test
  • Hail Impact Test (even Swiss Standard up to 75mm)
  • Module Breakage Test
  • Peel Test
  • Cut Test
  • Wiring Compartment Test and Terminal Knock-Out Test
  • Strain Relief Test
  • Terminal Torque Test
  • Push Test
  • Transport Test

Environmental Simulation Tests on PV-Modules

  • Temperature Test
  • Humidity-Freeze-Climate Chamber Test
  • Damp-Heat-Climate Chamber Test
  • Thermal-Cycles-Climate Chamber Test
  • Fire Test
  • Hot-Spot Test and Risk Analysis
  • Light Soaking Test
  • UV – Test (Ultraviolet)
  • TCO-Layer Corrosion Test (PID)
  • PID – Test; Determination of sensitivity of Potential Induced Degradation
  • LID – Test; Determination of sensitivity of Light Induced Degradation
  • Determination of NOCT (NMOT)
  • Water Spray Test
  • Corrosive Gas Test (e.g. Ammonia)
  • Salt Mist Corrosion Tests
  • Sand and Dust Test

Other Tests and Achievements

  • Thermographic Analysis
  • Electroluminescence Analysis
  • Visual Inspection
  • EVA Gel Content Determination / Cross linking
  • Accelerated Aging Test
  • Aging Tests at Real Conditions in Field
  • Prototyping with own Laminator

Highlights Labor

Hail Impact 75mm

hagelschlag highlights labProtection against hail damage.
Hail impact simulation with iceballs up to 75mm. (According to swiss standard)

Peel Test

peel highlights labAnalysing the bonding of the different laysrs im PV module.

EVA Gel Content Determination

eva highlights labTesting of the laminate
Analysing of the cross linking