Press Release - Berlin 07/03/14

Cooperation PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG with Mitsui Chemicals Inc. Japan

PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG in Germany (PI) and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. in Japan (MCI) started the collaborative businesses covering the Photovoltaic value chain.

PI has been providing services such as photovoltaic module testing and certification and photovoltaic power plant services for the international market as an accredited laboratory with an integrated R&D branch. PI has also successfully established PI -China as a joint venture company and exclusive licensee for the Chinese market, to develop whole photovoltaic services on the global scale.

MCI group has been providing important key materials for PV markets as an expert of polymers, with very profound expertise in EVA. EVA is an important material that affects reliability and life time of solar panels. And MCI is a business owner of one of the largest Photovoltaic-Wind hybrid power plants in Japan (50 MW PV). MCI group also has been providing analytical services for photovoltaic materials and modules.

PI and MCI will utilize the expertise of each other for strengthening its own presence in the PV market.
MCI as the exclusive licensee of PI in Japan will start service businesses such as Quality Package, On-site Plant Inspection, Bankability Programs and Consultation, which so far have been carried out by PI mainly in Europe and China. With its strong expertise and knowledge, PI will support to develop MCI in a different industrial area. MCI has already entered into business contracts with banks, business planners and research institutes in Japan. MCI will also adapt the business models deployed in Europe to market needs in Japan.

PI and MCI are directing both expertise strength in order to create newly stronger branding image of PI as successful third-party organization. PI and MCI are focusing on the Asia/Pacific area for the next target markets.



Job Ad

As part of an internship in the PV System Services business unit, the opportunity will be granted to gain insight into the PI Berlin AG Power Plant department. The tasks range from the review of PV Power Plant planning through yield simulation to the on-site assessment of PV systems in various regions worldwide.

Internship + Thesis or Student Research Project (m/f/d)

Job Ad

We are looking for a new member of our technical services team at our office in Bilbao. PI Berlin is an established expert technical advisor for PV projects and to better serve the Iberian market, we have established a new subsidiary in Spain.

Project Engineer (m/f/d) in Bilbao, Spain

New PI Berlin Office in Spain

We have established a new PI Berlin subsidiary in Bilbao, Spain. Our new office will provide a dedicated focus on delivering our services in the re-emerging and growing PV market on the Iberian Peninsula.

Press Release 27.03.2019

SolarBuyer rebrands as PI - US firm acquired by PI Berlin integrates with parent company

The former SolarBuyer company in the US acquired by PI Berlin in 2018 has officially renamed itself as PI Berlin North America, or ‘PI’ for short. The rebranding brings SolarBuyer fully into the global family of PI companies alongside two existing subsidiaries in China.

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White Paper - Industry Trends in PV Module Quality

This study analyzes trends in PV module quality from over 250 independent factory audits conducted on more than 120 manufacturers by PI Berlin since 2012. The results provide useful insights into the major trends in PV modules over time, by region of manufacturing as well as by manufacturing capacity, location and level of automation.

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