Press release - Berlin/Dehli, 14.11.2017

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin creates subsidiary in India

Market’s demand for quality control particularly high

The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has created a subsidiary based in Delhi, India. In one of the most important markets worldwide for photovoltaics, there is particularly high demand for PI Berlin’s services, such as laboratory tests for modules and quality assurance in the planning, construction and operation of photovoltaic plants. The newly created company can now offer these services directly from a local base. It will be managed by Steven Xuereb, Head of the PV Systems Business Unit at PI Berlin, together with Dr Saurabh Kumar, who will act as local coordinator for sales and customer service.

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Press release - Berlin/Amman/Abu Dhabi, 09.01.2017

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin ensures future profitability of PV power plants in Jordan

Module quality is a crucial factor in securing project profitability in this competitive environment

Acting as an independent consultant, the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has assisted in the acceptance of four photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 57 megawatts (MW) in Jordan. The project developer, Adenium Energy Capital, made use of the institute’s expertise to ensure its plants can generate the expected yields and rates of return. This is particularly important given the increasing pressure on price during tendering processes, which means that production losses can significantly impact the project’s viability. In addition to undertaking factory inspections, PI Berlin monitored production, conducted lab tests and performed the final inspection of modules in the field. The renowned institute is due to present its PV power plant services at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from 16–19 January 2017.

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Press release - Berlin, 08.03.2017

Lars Podlowski joins the Board of Directors at the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin

Podlowski to establish a new business division

Dr. Lars Podlowski joined the Board of Directors of the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) on 1 March 2017. In his new role, the PI Berlin’s co-founder and previous partner will expand its offerings to include services for module manufacturers. PI Berlin has been conducting tests and inspections to ensure the high quality of modules for solar power plants for more than ten years – now Podlowski is developing a portfolio of technical and business services to support established module manufacturers with research and development and to offer newcomers around the globe a jump start in setting up their own module production.

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Press release - Marrakech, Berlin, 21.11.2016

PI Berlin and IRESEN join forces to promote PV in Morocco

Dr. Paul Grunow, Co-founder and Board Member of the Photovoltaik Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) and Mr. Badr Ikken, General Director of l’Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles (IRESEN) signed a cooperation agreement at the COP 22 climate summit in Marrakech, Morocco. The agreement defines a partnership to consolidate the engineering expertise of the two institutes to provide technical consulting services for solar PV projects in Morocco.

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Press release - Berlin, 7.6.2016

PV Power Plants
Lab quality power measurements now possible in situ without dismantling modules

Ultra-precise troubleshooting with Class AAA LED solar simulator

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) now has the capability to troubleshoot faults in PV power plants using a precision LED solar simulator. This device is the first of its kind worldwide to allow laboratory standard solar module power measurements to be taken in the field without the need to dismantle modules. Until now, these measurements were only possible using mobile laboratories, which required modules to be removed from installations for testing. PI Berlin is presenting its new measurement method at this year’s Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany, from 22–24 June 2016.

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