PV Plants

Insights into PV Plants - From yield projections to the operating power plant.

With the knowledge and insights gained through years of experience in the field, laboratory testing and research, PI Berlin offers a full range of engineering services for PV plants from the development and construction phases through project operation. The PV Systems business unit has been involved in over 2GW of PV projects across the world in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Development Phase

During the early stages of project development, PI Berlin offers a wide range of services to minimize your risk exposure including feasibility studies, resource assessments, energy production estimates and plant layout optimization. With PI Berlin’s strong reputation with a number of international commercial and institutional lenders, you can rest assured that our results will be recognized and trusted within the financial and investor communities.

As your project gets closer to realization, PI Berlin provides preliminary engineering services and supports your selection of EPC service providers and main component suppliers based on years of experience gained in the field. In particular our in-house developed quality assurance plan minimizes the risks of component defects and installation deficiencies, which can be built into your service and supply agreements.

On behalf of investors and lenders, PI Berlin offers a comprehensive technical due diligence review to ensure all project benefits and risks are well understood and that your money is placed only in projects of the highest quality. 

Construction phase

Before your project breaks ground and components are delivered to site, our specialized engineers provide services to review and monitor the engineering and procurement process. In particular our factory audits of main components such as the PV modules, inverters and support structures ensure that only high quality products are delivered to your site.

We recommend batch testing either on site or at our laboratories once the modules are delivered and after installation completion to ensure proper benchmarking and a successful operation start.

During project construction, PI Berlin provides construction supervision, performance tests and final inspection before handover all in accordance with the relevant norms and project contracts.

As an additional product, PI Berlin provides a unique in-house developed PV-Power Plant Certification which verifies that the project has been built using the highest quality standards available in the industry. This certificate can be used by EPC companies or developers to provide comfort and security to their clients, investors and lenders.

Operating phase

Once in operation, PI Berlin is ideally suited to monitor, evaluate, inspect and test your power plant to ensure that your investment is providing the revenue expected and is operating in a safe and reliable manner. Our complete power plant inspection methods identify deficiencies and defects that could lead to under performance.

In addition to sample module testing in our laboratories, we are able to conduct STC power tests (IV tracing), infrared thermal imaging and electroluminescence tests on site for up to 100% of modules in the plant. These tests are of particular importance considering the long term warranties associated with the modules.

PI Berlin also provides industry tested solutions in order to repair and optimize power plants to increase their performance such as automated cleaning methods and regeneration of PID affected modules.

Complete technical due diligence packages are available that are founded in PI Berlin’s breadth of experience of inspecting PV power plants around the world. As independent inspectors, we have acted on behalf of lenders to protect their security, of investors looking to acquire plants and of insurers investigating root causes of significant damages.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

PI Berlin offers training services to investors, operators and EPC contractors to ensure power plants are constructed and operated with the highest quality. We have also collaborated with institutions, communities and companies to transfer our vast knowledge and expertise in order to enable them to participate and succeed in the PV industry.

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