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PV Systems Services (PVS)

Project Engineer (Berlin | Germany)

  • Testing of PV modules in operational PV plants using methods such as infrared thermal imaging, electroluminescence and IV curve tracing
  • Inspection of construction and operational PV plants as part of acceptance testing and technical due diligence
  • Engineering services such as energy yield estimates, preliminary plant design, component specifications and construction requirements
  • Evaluation of PV project technical documentation such as drawings, contracts, permits, datasheets, monitoring data, etc.
  • Management of work packages from customer contracts including scheduling, logistics, and reporting
  • Analysis, interpretation and reporting of results from tests and inspections for final customer deliverables

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Job Offer

Our PV Systems Services team is looking for an addition.

PV Systems Services (PVS) - Project Engineer (Berlin | Germany)

Press Release

Berlin, 18.12.2017
Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin to merge with SolarBuyer -  
Entry into the US market opens up new opportunities

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Berlin/Dehli, 14.11.2017
Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin creates subsidiary in India

Pre-Build Module Checks

A short article in NewEnergyUpdate: PV about the importance of checking modules before they are deployed in the field.
Outlining the key aspects of this part of quality control. Article

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Lars Podlowski joins the Board of Directors at the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin