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Insurance Day

PV power plants are an important component of electricity generation today. In Germany alone over 35GW of PV capacity has been installed. The proportion of electricity generated by PV will continue to increase in the coming years. Like all other power plants and technical systems, PV plants are insured against a variety of risks.  

Potential risks in PV modules and other components can be well hidden. PV power plants are relatively easy to install and there is a large selection of available components. While the requirements for the designer and installer seem simple at first glance, a thorough documentation of the initial condition of the components will result in a fair risk assessment.



Press Release

Berlin/Dehli, 31.07.2018
 Study on Indian PV plants


Pilot Study on Quality Aspects of PV Power Plants in India

Press Release

Berlin, 18.12.2017
Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin to merge with SolarBuyer -  
Entry into the US market opens up new opportunities

Press Release

Berlin/Dehli, 14.11.2017
Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin creates subsidiary in India

Pre-Build Module Checks

A short article in NewEnergyUpdate: PV about the importance of checking modules before they are deployed in the field.
Outlining the key aspects of this part of quality control. Article

Press Release

Lars Podlowski joins the Board of Directors at the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin