PV Module Quality and Laboratory Services

Insights into Solar Modules – From factory inspections and certification to quality control

A wealth of experience and competence in quality assurance enables PI-Berlin to provide businesses with accredited inspection services for solar modules - and not just in the laboratory. PI-Berlin is your professional partner right from the preparation of quality specification catalogues for your PV project. Alongside project-related comparison tests of manufacturers, PI-Berlin leads process-oriented factory inspections and carries out production monitoring for solar projects. Our quality controls and quality inspections are done in accordance with IEC and UL standards and our highly specialised testing procedures are performed in our accredited, in-house laboratories in Berlin and China.

Quality Assurance

In the photovoltaic industry, there is constant downward pressure on prices and as a result, the levels of process quality vary dramatically. This means that insightful, individually designed quality assurance measures are playing an increasingly pivotal role. PI-Berlin offers a variety of quality assurance elements for PV modules, tailored to the customer and their requirements. Certification of PV modules in accordance with IEC and UL 1703 are of course necessary, but additional quality assurance measures are now indispensable for the security of your PV investment. Experts from PI-Berlin conduct detailed and thorough factory inspections to assess and evaluate the quality of the production procedures, using the findings to improve your supply contracts. In addition, we carry out production monitoring with sampling inspection in the factory. Find the right concept for your project with PI-Berlin taking advantage of our full consultation and support services.

Testing Procedures

PI Berlin's laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and all tests are performed in accordance with the relevant standards (IEC,UL,MCS) for PV modules. These test reports are recognised worldwide. Solar technology is changing so rapidly that new international testing standards have difficulty keeping pace. PI-Berlin can give added security to your investment with our advanced, specially tailored testing procedures, which we constantly develop and improve.


The minimum requirement for quality and safety is certification in accordance with IEC 61215/61646 and IEC 61730, while the American market requires certification in accordance with UL 1703. PI-Berlin can carry out all necessary tests in our accredited laboratory. As a "Certified Body Testing Lab" (CBTL), PI-Berlin's test results are the basis for IEC certification of PV modules. Together with TÜV Süd as the certification body, a certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the IEC test. Intertek issues the certificate for the UL 1703.

In addition to this, PI Berlin offers PI certificates for in-house testing procedures, such as the PID certificate for modules and a certificate for specific materials within the module that are proven to suppress PID.

Machine and Laboratory Construction

PI-Berlin has years of experience in conceptualising and constructing in-house test configurations. PI Berlin offers interested parties who wish to set up their own PV inspection laboratories, anywhere in the world, design and procurement services that benefit from this knowledge. The test machines used by PI Berlin are industry proven and are officially recognised and inspected as testing stations by accreditation and regular audits from the German National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and internationally through the IEC.


Job Ad

As part of an internship in the PV System Services business unit, the opportunity will be granted to gain insight into the PI Berlin AG Power Plant department. The tasks range from the review of PV Power Plant planning through yield simulation to the on-site assessment of PV systems in various regions worldwide.

Internship + Thesis or Student Research Project (m/f/d)

Job Ad

We are looking for a new member of our technical services team at our office in Bilbao. PI Berlin is an established expert technical advisor for PV projects and to better serve the Iberian market, we have established a new subsidiary in Spain.

Project Engineer (m/f/d) in Bilbao, Spain

New PI Berlin Office in Spain

We have established a new PI Berlin subsidiary in Bilbao, Spain. Our new office will provide a dedicated focus on delivering our services in the re-emerging and growing PV market on the Iberian Peninsula.

Press Release 27.03.2019

SolarBuyer rebrands as PI - US firm acquired by PI Berlin integrates with parent company

The former SolarBuyer company in the US acquired by PI Berlin in 2018 has officially renamed itself as PI Berlin North America, or ‘PI’ for short. The rebranding brings SolarBuyer fully into the global family of PI companies alongside two existing subsidiaries in China.

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White Paper - Industry Trends in PV Module Quality

This study analyzes trends in PV module quality from over 250 independent factory audits conducted on more than 120 manufacturers by PI Berlin since 2012. The results provide useful insights into the major trends in PV modules over time, by region of manufacturing as well as by manufacturing capacity, location and level of automation.

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