Independent PV module tests in an IEC-accredited testing lab!

Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin is testing reliability, safety, performance and yield of PV modules (standard and prototypes) for certification via IEC and UL - and beyond. All IEC/UL-tests are directy available and carried in our own lab in Berlin.

Additionally, we offer PI-tests for bankability and quality benchmarking (e.g., extended climatic tests, sand and salt mist tests, ammoinia tests, EVA-gel-contents, dynamic mechanical load tests, ELs, factory inspections).

All services are carried our independently and anonymously, they can be used by retail commerce, project development, or as a safeguard for investments.
Technical due-diligence, PV power plant inspections, strategic planning of manufacturing are carried out via our subsidiaries PI-Experts and PICon.

The core of the institute is the PV module test laboratory accredited and in according to DIN/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 (2005). Since May 2009 the PI Berlin is officially IEC accredited for IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 61730, and all norms related.

Certificate Of Acceptance

Certification Body (CB) of PI-Berlin is TÜV SÜD and soon also PI-CERT. Certifications for UL 1703 can be accomplished by the cooperation with Intertek. Intertek is accredited by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health administration - the US authority for industrial safety and health). The ETL mark of Intertek is the second most common test seal on the North American market.

DAP Akkreditierung

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PI-Berlin ist auf der Hannover Messe.  Halle 27 am Eingang West 1, Stand 24/1 (Gegenüber dem Energieforum).

Quality Packages

NEW Complete PI quality packages to monitor the most important quality criteria. 

Quality Packages

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The new brochure of PI-Berlin and the new brochure of PI-China.


Das Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin unterstützt die Initiative BürgerEnergieBerlin. Ziel der Initiative ist es das Berliner Stromnetz zu kaufen.

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